How premature ejaculation can affect your confidence?

How premature ejaculation can affect confidence

The term Premature Ejaculation (PE) refers to an uncontrolled release of semen either before or shortly after penetrative sex.

It usually happens with least sexual stimulation and even before the person wishes it to happen. Failing to maintain an erection due to uncontrolled ejaculation may result in unsatisfactory sex and other types of anxiety issues that further add to the problem.

This is one of the most common types of sexual dysfunction and has perhaps affected that every man at some point in their life.

What is the cause?

Even though the exact reasons have not been well documented yet, most cases of premature ejaculation did not show to have any apparent reason.

Men learn to delay their orgasm as they get older and more experienced in having sex, but still, it might occur if they are with a new partner.

It may also happen if the last time they ejaculated was long before and the body was just waiting for release. It can also occur due to a variety of psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, guilt, etc.

Mechanism behind PE

In layman terms, Erection is achieved due to high blood pressure in the penis. When a man experiences sexual arousal, the arteries of his penis enlarge to accommodate more blood flow while at the same time closing the outflow channels to trap the blood.

When enough blood is trapped within the penis at a high pressure, it leads to the organ getting hard or erect.

Premature ejaculation may occur at any point of having sex if the man becomes overly anxious and experiences release of the emergency hormones like adrenalin and noradrenalin, which may reach the penis circulation within a split second and instantly reverse the erection mechanism.

The situation gets worse when the man suffering from PE find themselves struggling with performance anxiety that leads to a downward spiraling cycle of intense performance anxiety and erectile failure.

Adverse effects of PE on mental health

Premature ejaculation can cause problems between sexual partners and lead men into believing that they are inadequate. Studies have shown that most cases of early ejaculation can be attributed to erectile dysfunction.

Men who consistently experience this might be because of some kind of hormonal imbalance, psychological reasons, or due to medication.

PE puts a lot of stress on the relationship and makes the man feel unmanly because they reach orgasm quicker than their partner.

It doesn’t give them the time to completely understand and satisfy their partner’s needs, which makes the partners feel uncared for and loved. But the greatest damage perhaps happens to the man’s self-confidence as they may feel unworthy of having sex.

However, happenings of the bedroom are not limited within the confines of the four walls because failure to perform can also affect a man’s entire life.

The effects on mental health are disastrous, and it can lead to depression and a general sense of feeling unworthy.

Is there any cure for PE?

If you have premature ejaculation, do not worry because this condition is treatable. Since PE occurs due to a large number of reasons, your doctor will conduct a thorough physical exam for diagnosis.

It’s common for doctors even to talk to the patient’s partner, so don’t be surprised if your doctor asks you too.

Seeking medical attention is often the last resort for men as it looks for an underlying problem that would not be curable by any particular exercise or penetrative technique.

But before going to the doctor, you can wait for an answer if the premature ejaculation starts getting better with time, in which case treatment would be unnecessary.

Relaxation techniques and distracting methods may also help delay PE and make you last longer in bed. There are unique types of condoms available that reduce the sensation of the tip of the penis that may help delay climax as much as possible.

But as a preventive method, it is best that you stop smoking, drinking excess alcohol, or taking recreational drugs.


Current evidence supports that the average time a man can last in penetrative sex is around 4 to 8 minutes, among those who are of the ages between 18 and 30.

People experiencing PE usually these climax within a few seconds or last a maximum of 1 to 1.5 minutes. If this is the case for you, seek immediate medical attention.